Saturday, 29 April 2017

Duu Duu DUUUUUUUUUU!!! Kudo Haruka to Graduate Morning Musume'17 This Fall!

Today on April 29th, 2017, Morning Musume'17 member Kudo Haruka announced her Graduation from the group, which will take place on the final day of the groups Fall 2017 tour. She has expressed her desire to pursue acting full-time once she has graduated.

A statement was released from both Up-Front and Kudo Haruka, in regards to the graduation announcement and the reasons behind her decision. A translation of both has been provided by Up-Front Link on Facebook:

"I, Haruka Kudo,
After the Autumn tour,
Will graduate from Morning Musume。 as well as from Hello! Project.

It has been 6 years since I became a member of Morning Musume。
It has been 8 years since I get into Hello! Project.
During this time, I had lots of experiences,
Thanks to lots of people,
I grew up to this level since I was a common and audacious primary school student.
And because I became a normal high shcool student for a little while,
I began to wonder "What do I want to do in the future now that my dream of Morning Musume。 became true?"

My answer came out quite early.
Or, I think I already had it.

I want to try the genre I found here in my career, "acting".

I don't want to do things halfway,
So even by saying "I want to act", by singing and dancing as an idol as well,
I somehow thought it was disrespectful to the members and to the fans to say I do both things.

I told this feeling to the company and to my parents,
I thought a lot,
"I want to bet on what I want to do" and then decided to graduate.

During the remaining time,
I want to create many memories with the members and all the fans,
I want to be able to say "See you again!" without any regret at the end.

Please support me until the end.

Morning Musume。'17 Haruka Kudo"

With this announcement, a lot of fans (at least, the Western fandom) for Hello! Project and Morning Musume have been left in quite a bit of shock and surprise. Over the years, there has been much debate about how would leave next, and why, with a lot of rumours going around that this time around, Sato Masaki would announce her leave of the group, due to her health more than anything. There have also been the odd 'Iikubo and Ikuta should leave, they suck', and my own speculations / hopes were for Mizuki to go next. Because, I'm evil. We all know this.

But yeah, not even I expected Duu to go. At least, not now.

Being one of the younger members - the youngest of her generation, no less - Kudo Haruka seems like the member you wouldn't expect to leave. Also, she's universally adored. Western fans find her charming, funny and filled with personality, and her singing and dancing is pretty solid, for the most part. She's also highly charismatic and endearing, with wonderful stage presence and a wonderful amount of determination and gusto.

Oh, and she's a great actress, too. Which makes a lot of sense, given that's what she's leaving the group for. And I really do not blame her.

Upon hearing the news - I kind of woke up to it, as you tend to do when you live on a part of the world that is about 9 hours behind Japan - I honestly couldn't tell you what I felt... Surprise? Acknowledgement? Confusion? I'm unsure myself, but, it wasn't sadness or disdain or some other overwhelming emotion. I was just... okay. I was okay with it.

I accepted Duu's graduation announcement right away, though, honestly. It was totally left-field, and after a few minutes, I did react. It was more of a 'Are you SHITTING ME!?' moment, but nothing else. I've still not felt the need to cry or scream, or whatever.

I did, however, laugh. Because coping mechanisms.

Now, this is not to say I won't miss Duu when she does leave; believe me, I will. She might not be my favourite member, but, she is up there, because Duu is just so damn likable. I like her presence and her charm, I like her voice and how she basically gives 100% and always looks like she's having fun. I love the fact that she is both cute and cool, and that she knows how to draw you in. She is an amazing Idol, and when she leaves, I will really miss the heck out of her. She's a damn star, and H!P / UFP are gonna be kicking themselves when they let her go.

Because, you know; they kind of fucked up good there in terms of not giving this star the power she deserved, until it was too late. Then again, they also deserve it. Idiots.

Right now, I'm okay with this. I have accepted her leave, and though it was totally unprecedented and out of the blue, I think that Duu is one of those members who really knows what she wants to do, and knows the perfect time to bow out.

This year she turns 18, and though some might find her too young to leave the group and the Idol industry, I think it's a good time to bail. She's going for something big, and something that won't be easy to get into without a lot of hard work, networking and determination. If she wants to give this her 100%, then I totally support her choice to leave the Idol world, to make it in the acting industry.

When the time comes for her to leave, however, you all know I will be a mess of sadness and tears, especially when the week of Graduation Duupreciation comes up. But, until the day she makes her Duuparture, I will enjoy all she brings, and watch over her as fondly as a British Idol fan can.

Oh, and to hit the nail even further into the coffin...

"Ten years from now, I have I feeling I'll still be in the group. I even think I might be the leader. Who knows what will happen?"



Hello! Project Official Site News
Up-Front Link (Translation)
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Sunday, 9 April 2017

[Music Selection] March '17

I am always late to the ball... however am I supposed to meet Prince Charming like that!? Well, luckily I don't want a Prince or Princess Charming in my life right now, but when it comes to blogging... Yeeeah, I am always late, for one reason or another. My excuse, this time?

Anxiety and essays and last Uni days, oh my! Because good grief, life is getting busy, and I am not prepared for this onslaught of deadlines and paranoia. But life don't care about whether or not I'm ready, so, yeah.

When life comes a knockin', I gotta focus on it. So until I can make time for blogging in the wee hours of the night, writing about Idols has to wait. Ah, well~

For the sounds of March, let's march on, and find out what's been listend, and ponder on what hasn't! Let's go~

As per the damn usual, all singles, songs, tracks and album loves posted here are based on my own desires and love in terms of music and sound. If there is something on here that you hate, then dear, it is a matter of taste, and we can't help that. This is a one-woman show, and I don't ever aim to bow down to the whims and fancies of anyone but myself! Whatever I think of a song now, is my own business. I simply share what is here because I want to show you all the songs that have entertained me in the months gone by, in the hopes that you listen and potentially find a track, group or solo singer you like, too! And if our opinions and likes happen to align, well... that is purely coincidental, but awesome! YAY!

We love what we love, and we cannot change our tastes. Simply enjoy the fact that music is so universal, and that we are all unique in every way! And of course, share your love of Idol music, and spread its joy all around!

And with that said and done, it's time to march into March's music, and listen to some of the happiness (and sadness!) it has brought me, from the past, the future, and more importantly, the future! Are you ready to fill your ears with the joys of song?

Press... PLAY!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

BONJOUR! I've Uploaded A Video! Whaaaat!?

This is only a quick update, with barely any words! But, whenever I happen to actually get my butt into gear and start up my videos again, I like to let you readers know, in case you like what I do or think it's a fun time to watch some idiot wota get excited on camera XD

So, yeah... I have a new video up, though it's pretty much just me saying 'Bonjour!' and letting people know I am off to France to see C-ute perform, LIVE! Ermagerd!!!

I am currently unsure when I will fully get back into making videos, but right now, I am a lot more at peace with myself, and my workload is less. That is SUPER helpful, y'all, and it means that if I go back to making videos, I will have more time, and less things to worry over. ...

There's always something to worry over, of course, but shh!

I really don't have much else to say, because whatever was needed to be said, has been. For all you readers who follow my updates, you are aware of what I'm up to. But for those who have watched my videos previously and enjoyed them, hopefully, this will satisfy you somewhat! YAY!

Until next time, guys, take care~ Love you <3

Much Love,

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Bring on The Brand New Era! It's Time for A New Generation to Begin in Morning Musume 17's 'BRAND NEW MORNING'! [MV Review]

With a new generation in tow and a startling new sound, Morning Musume '17 are looking pretty damn impressive in their latest release. In both sound and look, BRAND NEW MORNING might just be able to stand the test of time. Aggressive, assertive, and downright powerful, this is one debut that has left people impressed since its preview days.

It's the dawn of a brand new era, so let's get excited!

Standing as the 63rd single from Morning Musume overall, as well as the first for former Kenshuusei members, Kaga Kaede and Yokoyama Reina, BRAND NEW MORNING is one heck of a surprise attack from Hello! Project's flagship group. With its confident sound and mesmirising MV, it feels similar a phoenix reborn in the flames after so many other releases that lacked oomph and drive. It's a welcome change, something many of us have been waiting for, and I'm happy to say that it seems this one is a majority favourite! Woohoo!

I mean, who wouldn't like it? It's fun, kick-ass, entertaining, easy to sing along with, and it makes you want to dance! It feels like one of those rare, flawless debut releases for H!P's latest power duo. In general, it just feels like a memorable debut, period. The only thing that would probably stop most people from loving this is, of course, the fact that Masaki's kind of void, here.

Thing is, you can't help that - she was on hiatus before production even began, and it would be highly unfair and downright cruel to expect her to come back just to do work, for our gratification. I am just thankful that she's feeling better and has the strength to work again.

Despite the lack of Masaki, however, I still believe this is a solid release. Morning Musume look and sound better than ever, and throughout, they are fierce and present. What more could you want? It is truly the dawn of a brand new era, and I can't wait for the 13th gen to show just what they are made of beyond their debut. But for now, let's take a look into the promising new stars of Morning Musume '17, and look at what they can bring to the group as they are now.

Let's dive in, and see what this new generation is all about!


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Get Ready, A Brand New Morning Begins! Bring on Morning Musume '17's [BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy]! (Single Review)

With two new faces and a brand new era ready to begin, Morning Musume '17 are ready to show off their group power in their latest release, BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy, a double A-side release complete with coupling tracks! The first of its kind in a long-while, the groups 63rd single release seems to promise something more than what previous singles have offered. Whether or not it lives up to its promise, is another thing entirely.

Is this era going to be a flop just like the last one, or will we see power return to Morning Musume as they currently stand? Let's listen, and find out.

*Many thanks to the Anonymous user who requested my thoughts on this single. You requested the Tsubaki debut, and now the 13th gen debut! Hopefully, you enjoy, and everyone else who happens to come upon this piece, too! :D

I was excited for this debut. Since the horrible introduction of 12th generation (in sound; visually, it was great), I was... apprehensive, but filled with anticipation, because whilst I do like 12ki and find that they are growing nicely into the group as of late, I can't deny that 13th gen are a far better fit for the group. Both Kaede and Reina, as they are now, seem pretty confident in how they present themselves towards the camera, and both look great with the current lineup! Reina has a very cheeky, cute look that fits well with members like Masaki, Duu, Maria, Akane and Harunan, whilst Kaede's cool, mature vibe fits well with Eriman, Ayumi and Ogata. They are a balanced generation in how they look and feel, but they both seem really determined to impress, as well.

I feel like, as a generation, these two could go pretty far, and prove to be a little bit of competition for the existing senior members. At least, they could, if only management let them. We shall see...

Hopefully their future releases will prove as promising as this one, but for now, it is BRAND NEW MORNING / Jealousy Jealousy that we will focus on. The future will come along soon enough, but until that time comes, let's enjoy the dawn of a new era, and enjoy all that the 13th generation and a twelve thirteen member Morning Musume brings us...
Are you ready to press PLAY and begin a new chapter?

Monday, 20 March 2017

[PV Selection] February 2017

I would say "Kick me, this is so late!", but I have reasons. University reasons. It's getting harder, yo, and whilst I lovee Idol blogging, I know when I need to focus on life over hobbies. This was one of those times, hence the majorly late PV Selection post. But it's still March, and that means I still have the time to post this! Huzzah!

For the PV's from a month ago, let's take a look at the ones that stood out for me as a viewer in February 2017! Will there be anything on the list that you enjoyed, too?

As per the usual, all PV's listed here are the videos that I have enjoyed myself over the course of the past month. Though there are a lot of great PV's out there, I can't like all of them. This is a one woman show, guys, and if there is a video here you might have hated with all your being, or a video you adored is missing, chances are, I either didn't see it, or I didn't like it. It is how taste works.

Of course, I do want there to be something on here that you like, whether it is from a group you have previously adored, or one you have just recently been introduced to. As long as there's one video on here that peaks your intrigue... well, that's my job in sharing the wonders of Idols done!

If there is a video that you would like me to view, whether it is for the first time or again, then don't hesitate to tell me about! I might prefer something upon second viewing, or find myself a diamond in the rough I had not known existed before! It happens.

... And with that all said and done, let's get into the nitty gritty, and check out some PV's! Are ya ready, kids?


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Updates In Everything

Early 2017 is proving to be a busy time of the year for me, and with recent goings-ons, I thought it was about time I updated my blog about what is happening, why I am so slow at updating and posting, and in general letting you know whatever it is I am meant to be doing in life, blogging and anything else that might warrant an explanation.

Here we go~

First and foremost, blogging. I have not done a lot of it, and not just here. On Selective Hearing, JaME and Hashire! Idol Manic, I have been lacking in my posts. I haven't touched Hashire! Idol Manic since December, and I missed February's post for Selective Hearing. This is mostly because of University pre-occupying my mind, because I have some big things going on right now. I will get to that more later, but I did want to let you know that it's not just here that is suffering a lack of posts. It's everywhere. I pretty much have less time than usual, and it is a crucial point of my University life that I am in. So, yeah.